Cell lines

    • CHO.hCNTFR
      CHO cells with expression of hCNTFR. $3000/cell line

    • CHO.hpIgR
      expression of polymeric human Ig receptor in CHO cells. $595/cell line

    • CHO.hCD89
      expression of hCD89 in CHO cells. $595/cell line

    • CHO.hFcεr1α
      expression of hFcεr1α in CHO cells. $595/cell line

    • CHO.mFcγRIV
      expression of mFcγRIV in CHO cells. $595/cell line

    • CHO.hCD39
      expression of human CD39 in CHO cells. $595/cell line

    • CHO.mCD39
      expression of murine CD39 in CHO cells. $595/cell line

    • CHO.hCD47
      expression of human CD47 in CHO cells. $595/cell line

    • CHO.hPSMA
      expression of human PSMA in CHO cells. $595/cell line

    • CHO.mGITR
      expression of murine GITR in CHO cells. $595/cell line

    • MDA-MB-231.hTNFmem:
      MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells expressing membrane-bound human TNF, as a target cell line for testing ADCC activity of anti-TNF antibody. $200/cell line

    • CHO.hMSLN:
      CHO cells expressing human mesothelin on cell surface, as a positive control for anti-hMSLN. $200/cell line

    • CHO.mMSLN:
      CHO cells expressing mouse mesothelin on cell surface, as a specificity control for anti-mMSLN. $200/cell line

    • CHO.DsRedE2:
      CHO cells expressing DsRedE2, as FACS control. $100/cell line

    • CHO.d1EGFP:
      CHO cells expressing d1EGFP, as FACS control. $100/cell line

    • CHO.DsRedE2+EGFP:
      CHO cells expressing both DsRedE2 and EGFP in 1:1 molar ratio, as FACS control. $100/cell line