• Recombinant protein expression in CHO cells

    Antagen provides our clients with quality services for both the rapid in-house development of customized stable CHO cell line and the production of recombinant proteins under Good Laboratory Practice Guidelines. We are committed to developing each service engagement into a long term consultative relationship, and we are experts at satisfying our clients’ needs.

    The multi-platform laboratory science capabilities at Antagen also allow us to function as a central laboratory for the support of Pre-clinical and Phase I-II clinical trials as well as running samples for commercially available tests under GLP guidelines. We work with our clients closely to develop customized protocols that lead to quality testing.

  • Gene modification in cell line using CRISPR technology

    CRIPR H611


    An example of gene editing in a cell line using this tool.

    We have done gene knockout and point mutation in many different cell lines, including CHO, hybridoma, and other cell lines with CRISPR. We can provide our customers with this service.