Rapid Human Interleukin-8 XpressCard (ATG-IL-8)

Antagen’s hIL-8 XpressCard is an immunochromatographic rapid test for the detection of human interleukin-8 in biological fluids, such as urine, serum or plasma. The assay can be potentially used as an aid for diagnosis of primary and secondary infections (e.g., urinary tract infection and neonatal sepsis), as well as certain neoplastic conditions (e.g., bladder cancer), in conjunction with other criteria.

To order Rapid Human Interleukin-8 XpressCard:

50 tests ($13.20 a test) Cat# ATG-IL-8-50

20 tests ($15 a test) Cat# ATG-IL-8-20

10 tests ($16.50 a test) Cat# ATG-IL-8-10

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