Rapid Hamster Antibody Isotyping XpressCard (ISO-HAM)

Add 100 µl of hamster antibody solution at appropriate concentration into the sample well. Within 5 minutes, test lines (T) will appear showing the isotype of the antibody. A control line (C) will appear at the far end, showing a successful run. This assay is faster and more convenient than the traditional ELISA method.

Order ISO-HAM to determine IgG1, IgG2*, IgG3, and κ.

20 tests ($13.75 a test) Cat# ISO-HAM-20

10 tests ($16.50 a test) Cat# ISO-HAM-10

* Unlike in the cases for mouse and rat antibodies, reagents specifically recognizing hamster antibody isotypes are not very common. The available IgG2-recognizing antibody also cross-reacts to IgG3 of the Armenian strain (for more info on strain-specific reactivity, refer to the manual below). Due to the lack of specific reagents, possible IgM and λ chains can only be inferred by the absence of IgG and κ signals.

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