A pure line of CHO.hFcγRIIIA-V158 has been established by co-expression of hFcRγ and hFcγRIIIA-V158 in CHO cells. This cell line can be used to compare various IgG constructs in binding to the Fc receptor that mediates ADCC, and is more physiologically relevant than surface plasmon resonance (SPR) assay. For example, afucosyl hIgG1 binds much better than the wild type antibody to the receptor complex, which translates into 100-fold enhanced ADCC.

Figure >>Binding of Therapeutic hIgG1, with or without Fucose, to hFcγRIIIA-V158 in Receptor Expressing CHO Cell Line.

hIgG1 wt or hIgG1 Fut8-/- binding FcγRIII