News: new treatment for Tetanus with humanized monoclonal antibody




(August 22, 2014. Etown News, Beijing) Recently Antagen Pharmaceuticals has a breakthrough in research and development. In the first of its kind, Antagen has successfully developed a new monoclonal antibody against Tetanus.

Mr. Guahua Yue (CEO), “In a mouse Tetanus model,  we used 0.8 ng of Tetanus for each mouse. We then used 2.5 µg of our mAb to neutralize the toxin. Those that received mAb + toxin survived for more than 30 days. Those that received toxin alone died in 3-5 days”. People who contract the toxin will die in 4-6 days in severe cases. In China, Tetanus usually afflicts newborns and people in the rural area. Treatment is also urgently needed for military personnel/law enforcement officers in field training, rescue and emergency missions.

Currently the drug for Tetanus treatment in our country is immunoglobulin purified from immunized human and horse sera. However, the supply of these sera is limited. Using genetic engineering, this situation is being rectified. Antagen has entered the stage to prepare for clinical trials for this new drug.

Mr. Yue, “In 2011, China needed 5 million doses of treatment for Tetanus, but could only supply 1.53 million doses. A shortfall of 3.5 million doses existed”.

Antagen expects to finish the clinical trials in 2017 and formally introduce this drug in 2018. The estimated annual sale of this drug is ¥2 billion RMB.