About us

Antagen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., formerly known as Antagen Biosciences, Inc., is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to combating autoimmune diseases, infectious and cancerous diseases through its novel approaches of discovery, development, manufacturing and commercialization of biologics. Its multi-platform laboratory science capabilities, and top-notch systems and procedures also give the company a much-needed edge in the contract-manufacturing-service market.

Antagen’s reputation and stability are grounded in the success of its fast-track and high-efficiency protein expression system and its vaccine development. The expression system stands out from others through its optimized combination of powerful expression vectors, rapid generation of high-yield stable mammalian cell lines, and high-efficiency purification system. With the expression system, Antagen offers rapid and comprehensive services for recombinant protein production worldwide, which is expected to put the company in an advantageous position in the global market of biologics production.

Antagen has put tremendous efforts on developing recombinant protein-based therapeutics and vaccines for the prevention of autoimmune diseases, cancer, precancerous or dysplastic lesions, and infection. The company’s vaccine development and production pipeline are further advanced with its state-of-the-art protein expression system. Meanwhile, Antagen is in collaboration with World Health Organization HPV LabNet for the establishment of HPV antigen standards.

As a rapidly growing company, Antagen is driven by a management team with diverse expertise and experience, including R&D, process development, drug formulation, and business development. It is located in Boston area, one of the most fertile biotechnology and biopharmaceutical areas in the world.