XpressLysis Buffer For Mouse Genotyping

Add 200 μl of this buffer to tail. Boil for 30 min. Cool down. Use 1 μl DNA for genomic PCR
50 ml XpressLysis Buffer Cat# ATG-mDNA-50

100 ml XpressLysis Buffer Cat# ATG-mDNA-100

This single buffer is to quickly lyse mouse tail/ear tissues to extract gDNA in just 30 minutes at boiling temperature, an inexpensive, convenient, and fast alternative protocol over the conventional Proteinase K based method. 1 μl gDNA containing solution can be directly used in a 20 μl PCR reaction for mouse genotyping.


A one step process to extract gDNA from mouse tail/ear tissues in 30 minutes with XpressLysis Buffer.

It is convenient: No further liquid transfer is necessary after adding 200 μl of this buffer into the tubes with tail (It is normal for residual tail tissue to remain in the liquid after the process).

It is fast: No long incubation time is required, taking only 30 minutes from start to finish.

It can be high throughput: Just use the PCR machine, set the temperature for 95°C for 30 min.

It is inexpensive: Compared to costly gDNA extraction kits, it helps save huge money and precious time.